Jul 22, 2011

Road Trip: Part II (Detour)

On the way back down to DC at the close of M's leadership conference, hubby and I took a side-trip to Philadelphia to help break up our journey. I love Philly -- it's a wonderful city with great neighborhoods, art, food, and people. And with another five (plus) hour drive to and back, I cast on a project that I couldn't resist -- the Missoni-inspired afghan.

This detour from my YOP was first inspired by knitter extraordinaire Jadeblade who recently posted about her gorgeous blanket.  If you go on Ravelry, you'll find several other mouth-dropping Missoni-inspired FOs including the pattern originator's version (Kelly Kingston) which is stunning. This is probably one of the best car/travel WIPs that I've come across.  The pattern is simple enough to memorize and with all the color changes and chevron stitches, the knitting stays interesting.

I'm trying to de-stash but this blanket is crying out for some oranges and yellows which I don't have in my overflowing stash so I think I'll be visiting my LYS very soon!
Now, back to Philly.  Lunch at the White Dog Cafe was delicious and only a two-block walk to the Institute of Contemporary Art where I saw the Sheila Hicks retrospective (a must for all you fiber artists out there!).

White Dog Cafe
Sheila Hicks among her work

Popped into Loop where I resisted buying anything but really enjoyed talking to the staff and ogling the yarns.

Drove by the Magic Garden vowing to go in the next time I'm in town!

Went to see the enigmatic film, Tree of Life, and ended a fabulous day with a fabulous meal at Amada (now one of my all-time favorite restaurants).  

Life should always be made up of days like the one we had in Philadelphia!  


  1. What a great day--I love those full touristy kinds. That yarn store looks lovely and I am not sure I would be able to resist buying something if I had been there. Your afghan is beautiful--the colors you have chosen really work together.

  2. Summer road trips are fun - and yours looked yummy-good!

  3. Noooooooo! Yesssss! I want to make that so much!Is that the yarn that's in your blog header? I love the colours.

    What a great road trip. I'm afraid to say that all your beautiful photos have been eclipsed by a flood of blanket-lust. I know exactly the right yarn too....

  4. Love the blanket and the colors you are using! You are right everyday should be like that. :)

  5. mmmm yarn store... I'm trying not to buy yarn until September. It is HARD But my stash will be so controlled!