Nov 16, 2011

FO: Evelyn Cowl

Last week, I blogged about getting back to knitting from my year of projects list and having just added the Evelyn Cowl, I was excited to cast on. This is such a lovely pattern -- easy to remember but complex enough to keep the knitter engaged (and happy).

While the pattern calls for several rows of eyelet, the cowl doesn't become too lacy which I really like. Combined with a terrific yarn such as Berocco Alpaca, this cowl is a luxurious and elegant accessory that can be dressed up or down.  I wanted to show you a side-ways close-up of Miranda in the cowl to give you a bit of the stitch detail. I cast-on and finished this little beauty in one night with one skein -- how perfect is that? 

Here's the big question:  do I gift this gorgeous cowl or keep it for myself?  Hmmm....


  1. I am so bummed that my only Ultra Alpaca in stash is muddy brown. :/

    I say keep it, but then I don't know how long your xmas knit list is...

  2. what a gorgeous, gorgeous cowl!! I love the colour, and the garter and eyelet combo looks perfect.

  3. Lovely! It looks so pretty and warm at the same time. Ultra Alpaca is one of my favorite winter yarns and that color is gorgeous.

  4. Cute cowl! I've been trying to cast on for a cowl too, I need some instant gratification right now.

  5. Beautiful-a perfect gift to yourself maybe?

  6. Mmmmm, Berroco Ultra Alpaca is my all time favorite yarn. What a wonderful choice for the pattern! It has never occurred to me to make a scarf/cowl with it before, now I have to!

  7. Hard to decide! Does it match your coat? If so, I say keep it!

  8. Gorgeous model, Gorgeous cowl.
    Wonderful color.
    Keep or not,
    Share or not.
    Aha ! ! ! It's quick, it's easy
    MAKE ANOTHER ! ! ! !

  9. Perhaps make two? One for you and one for Miranda? It looks so lovely on her! Thought of you last week when I was reduced to buying a cowl...nowhere near as beautiful as yours!