Feb 16, 2012

Midnight in Manhattan

Sometimes I feel like Woody Allen.  For any of you who know his films, you know that he has had a long-term love affair with New York City.  I'm a native New Yorker who has lived outside the city for 20 years, but as my kids often tease me, when we're there, I can sometime act like a tourist.  There is so much about the city that continues to amaze me -- the neighborhoods, the culture, the food, and, yes, the yarn!

One of my favorite yarn stores is right here in NYC.  I had a couple of hours last Saturday to roam around the city and one of my destinations was The Yarn Company.  I had been wanting to stop in for months now to get some of their custom-dyed Madelinetosh in Midnight in Manhattan.  TYC is doing something really clever -- they are collaborating with small yarn suppliers to custom-dye yarns in colors related to NYC.  I have been coveting Midnight in Manhattan since they announced the color back in December and now I finally have some.

These two skeins/cakes are in MadTosh's DK weight, and I haven't decide yet what I'm going to knit them into, but I'm thinking that for a custom-dyed yarn I should design an original pattern.  It'll have to be a small one though as I only bought two skeins (what was I thinking?) so I'm going to look at a my stitch dictionary and play around.  

For now, I'm just happy to stare at these two beauties and be inspired by the richness of the color.  Oh, and I love MadTosh yarns in general so the combination of yarn, color, and this ode to Manhattan is pure bliss.


  1. AH! That is the most beautiful yarn I have ever seen! Evelyn, you must stop posting about such beautiful yarn, I have extreme yarn envy now!

  2. That is a very beautiful yarn! I think making your own pattern would be perfect for it, especially if you get something that shows off the colors!

  3. That yarn is gorgeous! Too bad they don't offer it in Wisconsin!

    1. Not to tempt you more but you could always order some of this yummy goodness online! ;)

  4. Oh, Evelyn, I'm here reading your Replies to Pumpkin and Allison and you are TOTALLY BAD ! ! ! !
    You Totally Enable ! ! !

    Oh, did I tell you I have five skeins of Madelinetosh 80/10/10 in Briar waiting for my signature at our local post office????

    Your idea of creating something special for this Midnite in NYC in DK has me on pin and needles for the resulting lovely,

  5. Oh my gosh you have to stop posting all this amazing yarn! I need that colorway asap!

  6. It looks so lovely! I can't wait to see what you make with it.

    I do love their speciality skeins (perhaps a shopping spree there is in order once I get my stash back down to a manageable level).

  7. Very nice!! I can see a very beautiful shawl in that colour. Looking forward to seeing what you make of it!

  8. Oooo, that is such a gorgeous color! I love the fact that you are planning to design an original pattern for it. I have a trip to NYC planned for March with hopefully some time to visit several yarn stores. The Yarn Company might be at the top of the list after seeing your beautiful yarn.

  9. Yipes...that is gorgeous, OK Tosh: "Imported from Detroit." (Oh, somebody used that already--we don't want to get Tosh sued). Maybe: "North of Canada." (We really are north, part of us anyway of part of Canada.) "Dinnertime in Detroit?" "Red Wings on Ice?" (I must have had too much caffeine today!)