Apr 2, 2012

Think Pink

I've never been much of a fan of pink. The color never seemed strong enough for me, and I could never imagine wearing pink myself.

As a knitter though, I've learned to love and embrace a wide spectrum of colors, and more recently, I've been drawn to different shades of pink. Perhaps it's because I'm so in love with yarn in general.  Perhaps it's because yarn companies, large and small, are doing such a great job with dyeing. Whatever the reason, when I look through my stash, I'm discovering that my palette has been evolving over the years. Where I used to knit mainly in shades of neutral tones (grey, black, camel), I'm casting on colors as different as teal and plum and honey and ... pink.


My caponcho is coming along, and it's been a breeze to knit. It's perfect for movie-watching or travelling, and while there's a ton of stockinette which gets a little tedious, I managed to knit about three inches yesterday while at the movies with Mark and Miranda. Yup, we saw The Hunger Games (it was terrific), and I didn't even need those cool lit needles.


  1. I'm still stuck in "the neutral zone".
    As much as I love those bright and awesome colors, I always end up taking home greys and browns :/

  2. Most of my knitting seems to be one 'pink' or another.
    Your caponcho is looking good!
    Our temps are breaking all records here in mid-MO
    mid- to hi-80 degrees F

  3. I'm surprised you're not a fan of pink! I think pink usually looks great on dark-haired people! But then I'm biased - I love pink!

  4. Woah, hold the phone. Lit needles? Those exist? Please, tell me more! I'm also completely overwhelmed by the color choices out there, especially in madelinetosh yarns. I find it so difficult to pick them because they all look so amazing!

  5. I can understand your hesitation with pink. It's a difficult colour to wear when you have an Asian skin-tone. I think the deeper pinks you have chosen are a good choice though, and your caponcho should look great on you!

  6. You sure are comin' along on that poncho - yippee! It's a great pink. Very fem and warm.

  7. I'm always amazed by those that can knit in the movies. I can probably make a granny square or some broomstick lace in the darkness of the movie theater, but that's about it!

  8. First, I'm owning up that the zillions of views of this topic this afternoon have been me testing out variations of tracking protection.

    Second, I always felt the same way about yellow. Yet it's a lot easier to craft with than to wear, and I couldn't imagine any of my blankets without it!