Dec 27, 2012

A Knitter's Christmas - Part I (Tools)

My wish list this Christmas was incredibly simple.  I wished for any and all things knitting related, and guess what?  All my wishes came true.  I'm rich in knitting goodness so will share my new stash in separate blog posts for the rest of the week.  

Today I'm starting with the gift I wanted most of all:  a complete set of ChiaGoo Twist Interchangeable needles. Second to this was Knit Picks' Pendleton Needle Case.  Can you believe that Mark, Xavier, and Miranda got me both? (hugs to them all)

ChiaGoo Twist Interchangeables & Knit Picks Pendleton Needle Case

In November, one of my all-time favorite podcasters did a review of the ChiaGoo needle set, and I immediately put the complete bamboo set at the top of my wish list.  The Knitmore Girls raved about their experience using the Twist Interchangeable needles and I was sold.

Interior of ChiaGoo Twist Interchangeables Set

Alright, I felt a little guilty putting this on my list as I already have a wonderful set of Knit Picks' nickel-plated interchangeable needles, but they're metal and Twist is bamboo.  Oh, and my new ChiaGoo set comes in needle sizes from US2 to US15!  And did I mention that they're gorgeous and so comfortable to knit with?  Oh, and did I also mention that the case is adorable and has a roomy zippered pocket on the front that comes with colorful stitch markers, keys to attach the needles to the cables, and a ruler/needle gauge?

Interior of Knit Picks Pendleton Needle Case

So that my Knit Picks' set wouldn't feel neglected, I wished for the Pendleton needle case which is perfect for storing my US4 to US11 tips.

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, I have a few luxurious days to cast on a new project and with my new tools, I'm happy to say that I'm feeling my ennui of the last month ebb away. A new sweater is definitely on the horizon but you'll need to check in tomorrow to see what (new) yarn I'll be knitting with!


  1. What marvellous gifts, you lucky thing :D

    I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas :D

  2. What great gifts. That's quite amazing that they can make interchangeable needles in sizes all the way down to 2s. My set of addis only goes down to 4. But then I only need smaller needles for socks, so it's not like I have to have a ton of standard circulars lying around.

  3. That's lovely! I wish you many happy hours of knitting with your beautiful new needles. Looking forward to seeing what they have inspired to leap on to them!

  4. What a lovely gift! And you deserve the best :-)

  5. What thoughtful gifters! I have the large metal set and I love it, too. You will get tons of use out of this!

  6. thoughts on the pendelton case? I need something for my knit pics needles too.

  7. I'm glad someone else made up a wishlist too! I have always typed up one for my daughters as her godparents and aunts & uncles always ask what do they want for Christmas. I added my husband and I too this year.
    Those are extremely pretty needles.

  8. WOW! I have never heard of those interchangeables before, but I love their red fixed needles, perhaps I will rethink my christmas voucher spending.... Lucky You!

  9. I've never heard of ChiaGoo twist needles, either, but they look beautiful! I used my Christmas money (that sounds like kid talking) to buy some double points in tiny sizes. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  10. Double prettiness! What an excellent pair of gifts. Looking forward to seeing what comes off those lovelies!

  11. Your name is most certainly on Santa's "Nice" list, Evelyn.

    Just 'cause you've many needles, you needn't cast on ALL NEEDLES ! Heheheheheheh

    Seems your kidletts must have much love for their momma.

    Happy Holidays!

    Love &Hugs

  12. Love the new gifts. You are a lucky knitter!

  13. Just catching up with the I had the posts from the last week - looks like you had a load of wonderful pressies! Lucky lady.

    The same set of Chiaogoos was originally on my list too but changed my mind at the last minute because I'm acually very happy with my current needles.... however I'm interested to know how flexible those cables are especially for magic loop with small numbers of stitches, and also what the joins are like. A girl can change her mind lots of times, right? (And I have Christmas money to spend too!) xxx