Dec 21, 2012

Helping Hands

When the events of the world start to feel as if only bad things happen, it helps to be reminded of all the wonderful acts of kindness bestowed on loved ones and strangers everyday.  I really believe that every little gesture can make a difference in someone's day, and it doesn't take much to lessen one's load.

When I saw that Sharon of Three Irish Girls created Knitters for Newtown, I joined up without a second's thought.  It's simple:  knit an 8 x 8 inch garter stitch square and send it to Sharon.  She will collect all the donated squares and sew them into blankets for the families who lost their precious loved ones on that incredibly sad day a week ago.  Knit one, knit two, knit a dozen ... every square will be a bit of love and hope for those families affected.

I'm inviting you to join me in this smallest of gestures.  I need my hands to be busy doing something for good.


  1. It does help to see the good when the bad get overwhelming.

    I've been meaning to get involved in charity knitting, so I think I will have a look at Knitters for Newtown.

  2. You are SO RIGHT! What wise words, Evelyn. I just joined the group.