Apr 25, 2013

Blog Luv: My So-Called Handmade Life

With life being so unpredictable these days, I've been thinking a lot about how my daily practices keep me balanced.  I do my best to take a few moments each day (and preferably throughout the day) to sit quietly, read a few pages in my current book, and knit a few rows on my current project.  

The other thing I try to do everyday is check in on certain blogs that I know will give me food for thought and Michelle's blog My So-Called Handmade Life is definitely on that list.  She's a new friend who I have found so much in common with but more than that, I admire her knitterly skills, humor, and creativity.  In her most recent post, she shared what's on her nightstand and you can't get more diverse than what she's reading these days. 

My nightstand is rather sparse these days which is not a good thing so I just may take some inspiration from Michelle's and order some of those beautiful books & magazines.  My knitting mojo isn't exactly gone but it could use some excitement.


  1. I'm so glad we met and that my thoughts resonate with you the way yours do with me. I love going down my Ravelry friends blog list and seeing you've posted something new.
    As far as knitting mojo goes, I've been re-inspired by the Proect:Stash KAL challenge to move out of my comfort zone and its been a lot of fun.

  2. So true, you're very good about balancing. I'd be a bit ashamed to show my nightstand which tends to be a bit dusty and used as a semi-dumping ground for yarn labels and mags.

  3. Sometimes one's knitting mojo can dull if you are tired. You've got a bit on your plate right now. Don't feel too pressured about it. Your mojo will return in full force when you're ready - I'm sure of it!

  4. Thank you for another wonderful blog to check out. Looks like she has some great ideas for your nightstand.

  5. came to you from Ellen's report which I LOVE.

    ON my nightstand...just kleenex....Hmmmmm. gotta work on this.