Apr 30, 2013

Craft Fair Countdown: Day 4

I'm learning that there's a lot that goes into participating in a craft fair, and I bet everyone who has done one shares the feeling I'm having today:  I wish I had another month week and then everything would be perfect!  But as you know, I only have four more days until show time so perfect is going out the window!

But maybe I can still aim for almost perfect, right?  When I'm feeling like too many sparks are going on in my head, I take out my trusty notebook and pencil and start making lists. I'm a BIG list maker and love making them so it felt really good to jot down my thoughts this morning and start organizing all the things I have left to do.

I'm embarrassed to say that I still need to knit more inventory ~ in fact, I came up with a new (easy) bracelet design that I just have to add to my collection ~ so knitting is at the top of my list.  Next will be display design then tag marking then price lists then .... I guess I should get off the computer and start paying attention to my lists! 


  1. I don't know how you do it - a graduating senior, the usual family stuff, KALs, test knits, and a craft fair? That's a lot. But I can see how much fun a fair would be to participate in. I read other knitters and dyers say that it's better to have too much inventory than too little. I hope your booth is a great success and lots of fun for you.

  2. Ohh I am intrigued with your wee torso model - good luck with your remaining 4 days!

  3. Where I'd I miss all this?! I noticed you were Pinning craft show displays but thought you were going to display your jewelry in your home. I'm so excited for you! This sounds so amazing and what cahones!

  4. I love lists, they always help me. I bet you will be ready in time, you always seem to be on top of things. :)

  5. Sounds like an exhilarating venture
    And great learning experience
    Have fun