May 2, 2013

Craft Fair Countdown: Day 2

Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my sister's cards which will share my craft table this weekend ~ they are wonderful, and I agree that they'll get snatched up in no time! I spent some time this morning organizing my inventory and am feeling a bit more confident that my table will actually look plentiful and enticing.

With the small amount of time between when I learned about the Made by Hand craft fair and the date, I decided to focus on small knitted items made with natural/luxury yarns.  Jewelry seemed to be the best option and so I've focused on necklaces and bracelets. I've been working with silk, merino wool, pearlized cotton, and bamboo, all of which lend the perfect weight and sheen to each object.

I've been playing around with different types of cables for the bracelets as well as different types of closures, and I really love how these crocheted eyes add a nice detail to the bracelets overall.

Esther & I brainstormed a bit about her Mother's Day cards and my striped baby socks and what we've come up with makes a sweet gift for a new mom, don't you think?  I'll be putting the card and pair of socks in a large plastic sleeve and tie it up with a bright ribbon ~ voila, a ready-made gift.

I still have some new ideas which I'll be testing tonight and hope to add some additional styles to this collection.  Whew, my needles have been on fire!


  1. Everything looks quite lovely. Hang in there, you're doing great.

  2. How proud you must feel! So exciting! I'm curious, how did you go about pricing?

  3. As much as I would like to take credit, it was actually our sister, Kathy who paired your adorable baby socks with my cards. :) Love all your new stuff! Looking good!!

  4. I love necklace, thats really lovely. Too clever!

  5. The necklace is my favorite, it's got a great drape to it.

  6. Wow, you just keep coming up with idea, this is going to be an awesome fair!