Jun 5, 2013


It's been hard to resist not knitting on my Nachtfalter as the baby cable ribbing is so seductive. 

Over on the Holla Knits KAL, we're breaking the knitting down into parts and for week one, our assignment is to knit half of the ribbing which for me would be 3.75 inches.  

Ummm ... yeah, right ... it's the morning of day three, and I've already reached my assigned goal. Several other KAL'ers are finding the ribbing hard to resist, too, so I have a feeling we may be moving ahead a little faster than originally planned.

When I reached my 3.75 inches last night, I put my knitting down and picked up The Fault in Our Stars which has been my read this week.  I finished it and can see what all the fuss has been about ~ it's poignant, intelligent, funny, and deep. I find it interesting how some novels are designated YA when a book such as this one is truly for all ages. If this book hasn't been on your radar, get it ... from your local library, book shop, or online.  It's wonderful.


  1. Those baby cables look so lush and luscious in that rich color. Looks like you're having fun with this. (There's just something about that stitch that's so very addictive.)

  2. I really admire how you read great literature. I finally saw the full deal of that pattern. It's a beautiful top! I faved it and Pinned it. What an awesome project. I'd say go ahead in the KAL. That's ribbing easy. Maybe ppl will need to knit slower on the lacey section.

  3. I can see why it would be hard to stop. Looks like fun!
    Love the color!

  4. Yes, I can see how addicting your knit must be, it's beautiful.

    I have been wanting to read A Fault in Our Stars and am so happy to hear you enjoyed it, I will have to pick up a copy.

  5. Those tiny cables are adorable!! Love the way your knit is turning out :)

  6. Gorgeous cables. Visiting from Yarn Along.

  7. Those cables are so pretty...and the color is just so rich...

  8. Those certainly do look like fun! I don't blame your eagerness to continue, but I also think that I know you well enough to say that once you get hooked on a project, there is no stopping you!

  9. Stunning, as always. Luscious cables and richly colored yarn are a perfect mix! I just checked your book and it seems good--but i would need to be in the right place to read something like that!