Aug 17, 2013

Testing 1 ... 2 ...

My computer is on the blink so it will be a little while before I can share some of my photos and stories from our incredible trip to the south of France and Barcelona. Let me just say that our time in Europe was restorative and blissful.

What I can share today are my knitting projects, one being knit with a new yarn (to me) that I bought at a LYS in the El born neighborhood of Barcelona which I stumbled upon one afternoon and was only a few blocks away from the apartment we were living in. All You Knit Is Love was such a nice surprise ~ filled with a great variety of yarns including gorgeous skeins hand-dyed in Barcelona.  I was in search of some linen and was happy to find Rosarios 4's Damasco, a perfect blend of cotton and linen that I knew would be just right for my project.

Before leaving on holiday, I signed up to test knit Otherside, a summery tank by Melanie Berg (aka Mairlynd) which she recently released.  I picked two neutrals, one with a slightly marled caramel tone, the other pure white.  The caramel is my contrast color which is knit as thin stripes while the white dominates the overall piece.  I've made a lot of progress and expect to finish it before the weekend is over.

My second test knit is by Jane Richmond, one of my favorite designers and her new design doesn't disappoint.  Knit with bulky wool, this sweater is going quickly, but I can't share any details or photos until the fall when she releases it. Trust me, it's a beauty ... and bright red! 


  1. what a lovely post with tantalising glimpses of more loveliness to come! So glad you had a great holiday too :D:

  2. Glad you are back and can't wait to see pictures!

    The test knit looks great! I like the subtle colors together...

  3. Ooooh, I love these natural colors! This is going to be so pretty!

  4. How fun to test knit. The natural colors are lovely.

  5. I've been wanting to knit with linen yarn, it looks lovely so far.