Sep 27, 2013

Let's Try This Again....

As many of you know, summer was an epic knitting fail for me. The humidity, heat, and overall busyness that consumed my life made it so that even knitting wasn't calming. I did finish some test-knits which I'll share soon, but my motivation to create was low, low, low.

Now that New York is experiencing the most incredible autumnal weather, my mind is racing again and I'm excited to cast on a zillion sweaters and accessories all at once.  But I know how poorly I do when I have too many WIPs on the needles so I've spent the last few days prioritizing and letting myself be inspired by yarn rather than all the amazing patterns I've been seeing on Pinterest and Ravelry. 

What's first on my needles?  A top-down, raglan pullover for Miranda of my own design.  She's been asking for an off-white cabley sweater and I haven't found The One in all my pattern searches so I'm going to attempt a customized version just for her.  We recently had a big life change in our family which finds me and Miranda living in New York City during the week so she can attend a fantastic high school and much to my delight, my new LYS is Knitty City.  I stopped in last weekend to get some inspiration and happily bought four skeins of Berroco Ultra Alpaca in the perfect white for Miranda's pullover.

I'm using the standard raglan method and while the first attempt went well enough, I discovered a couple of minor but irritating mistakes in my knitting so ripped the whole thing back last night.  Yes, the.whole.thing!  I'm really determined to be a mindful knitter this season and let's just say that I got excellent practice the first time around! If any of you have a favorite cable stitch pattern that you'd like to share, I would love to know about it.

Oh, and by the way, the gorgeous blue skein pictured above is not yet in my stash, but I'm coveting it for a sweater project for me soon.  Pretty, right?


  1. That is going to be the most comfy, snuggly sweater for Miranda. Berroco Ultra Alpaca is lovely.

  2. Oh NYC - exciting! I hope everything is going well with the big change, and I can't wait to see this gorgeous sweater!

  3. Yes, the blue is lovely! However I'm sure your sweater for Miranda will be lovely as well. Things sound exciting and you seem inspired. Wishing you the best during this transition.

  4. Congrats to Miranda or getting into this school and to you for putting your personal pursuits aside this summer to get your children settled in their new schools, etc. I'm excited to see your sweater design!

  5. What dedicated parents you are to ensure quality education for Miranda. I can't wait to see her sweater.

  6. yay! so great to see a post from you! nyc during the week sounds awesome - and you get to go back home on the weekends too. feels like a great way to get "some" city in without it being too much.

    that blue skein is *gorgeous* and it'll feel so great in the 50/50 merino/alpaca.

    what are you waiting for? it is project stash after all ;)

  7. Wahoo, that's my LYS, too! We will have to meet up some time. After a visit to the Cloisters, perhaps? There are upsides to being in NYC during the week :)