Oct 10, 2013

A Tease to Please #2

So, the other day I posted the first teaser about the soon-to-be announced charity knit along that will be hosted over on the Project: Stash Ravelry group.  I'm loving the gorgeous yarn from Duck Duck Wool that I'm working with and cannot wait for the big reveal of my new hat pattern.  But, for now, as we approach the cast-on date (which, by the way, will be early next week), I wanted to entice you further by saying that this prize-filled KAL will have pattern giveaways by not one, not two, but three amazing designers.  To give you a little nudge to join in, here's a glimpse of one of these incredible talents.

I doubt very much that this post will introduce you to Allyson of the Sweatshop of Love blog, and I imagine that many of you have knit some of her inspired designs already. Allyson also runs Holla Knits and is the brain behind the ever popular Work + Shelter sweater....

... the beautiful Caitin's Cardi .... 

... and her most recent design, the Bristlecone Pullover, published in Knitscene Winter 2013. 

One lucky KAL winner will pick from Allyson's terrific patterns ~ thanks again, Allyson, for your generosity.  Okay, knitters, stay tuned for teaser #3!


  1. You're so creative about KALs.

    1. Kepanie, I think we will have to consider knitting from the Vintage Inspired Baseball Knits for next year's Giant's season :)