Jan 6, 2014

FO: Winter Morning

I wish I could wear headbands ... especially ones knit in warm, cozy wool. Blame it on my small'ish forehead, but they don't work with my face.  Still, I love them and find that headbands are perfect for keeping your head warm without giving you dreaded hat hair and should you be having a bad hair day, a headband can turn that around in an instant.

Since we've been having such a cold winter, I went in search of a pattern that used bulky yarn because I love thick headbands and because I wanted to knit something quick for a gift.  I came across Winter Morning and cast on immediately.

I knit this in Cascade Lana Grande in a brown that is so dark, it borders on black.  Using US13 needles, this headband practically knit itself, and I finished it in just over an hour. Now that's what I call instant gratification.


  1. I love headbands too, especially the gorgeous cabled ones like this. What a lovely project!

  2. Oh, my, gal
    This snuggly headband is just the ticket
    this pattern needs to be in my library
    My sister-in-law and my friend in Idaho would love to knit this for the young gals in their lives

    Stay warm
    Knit on


  3. I have never knit a headband before, but I have some yarn that would do the trick.I'm finishing off a shawl, and would love some instant gratification! I have to say, I think your daughter though makes everything look lovely -- you have a great model in your daughter!

  4. What a great knit! You can tell just by seeing the photos that it's very squooshy!

  5. What a lovely fast project! Miranda looks stunning modeling it, too. Wish I could carry the headband look myself.

  6. That's true- Miranda is so beautiful! I like the headband very much.

  7. I love it! I'd like to wear a chunky headband too, but it would just be ridiculous in the climate I live in- more like a torture device. I also don't think it would look so great on my head, with my hair etc. I am knitting a dk weight head wrap that might just work for me, though. It's light and Lacey, so it's more like a a scarf. We'll see...

  8. She's lovely like her mom! I am hat- and headband-shy because I look so bad in them. This headbands looks like it could be more universally flattering. I might just have to knit one. (You had me at Size 13 needles!)