Oct 7, 2015

Make It Work

Of all the swatches I knit over the weekend, this one was the most fun to work on.  I set myself a task to knit a series of 20-stitch swatches in different patterns to see which could be the foundation for my #slowfashionoctober sweater.  I tried stockinette, seed seed with a cable, seed, fluffy brioche and brioche rib. It was a true learning experience, and I'm a convert to the beauty of swatching.

So, I'm sure you're wondering which stitch pattern I finally settled on?  Ultimately, I fell in love with the brioche stitch, a stitch I spent one entire weekend teaching myself to knit a few years ago.  Back then, these were my happy results (and yes, my daughter was so much littler then!):

This time, I picked a brioche stitch with a slight twist ~ this slip-yarnover-k2tog stitch makes the most luscious fabric, and in terms of actual knitting, I love stitch patterns that change from row to row.  It's completely engaging and addictive, but more than that, it's squishy and textural and exactly what I had in my mind for this sweater.  It's a total win-win!

I've been better than usual about keeping good notes for each step of this pattern, and as the dapper Mr. Gunn says, I'm making it work.  Any tips you have on what I should keep in mind as I draft out this pattern, I'm all ears!


  1. I know nothing about pattern designing so I have no tips to offer, but I just have to say that stitch is beautiful and will make a stunning garment!

  2. Sorry, I'm a sweater pattern knitter but I'm sure an expert with give you great advice. The sweater will be pretty in that brioche stitch.

  3. That stitch pattern is gorgeous and most importantly, looks wonderful knitted up with that yarn. Can't wait to see your progress. My only advice is to continue to take good notes. And measure lots! Sometimes gauge can change as you knit. So happy to see you in this space again!

  4. Ooh, it looks so squishy and luscious!