Oct 23, 2015

What's in a Color?

I have to start by saying how excited I was to see my post mentioned on Fringe Association today.  I've been a dedicated reader and follower of Karen Templer's since her early days (do you remember when her blog was called Yarnover?), and through her efforts and writing, I've learned so much about this industry that we all love so much.  Her blog and shop really speak to my own aesthetic, and it was such a treat to have my thoughts on knitting for those I love included in her Elsewhere post.

This leads to where I'm at today with my current project which is humming along but not without its hiccups. As of last night, I finished the back of the sweater and am looking forward to soaking and blocking both pieces before kitchnering (is that even a word?) the front to the back.  This will be a real test to see if what I have in my mind can be applied to a three-dimensional object!

But I must confess that I'm pushing through with this beloved project with a lot of blind faith. I'm going to come clean here and tell you that I might run out of yarn. I realized half-way through the back section that this project needed another two skeins of Manos Maxima so I went to my LYS and bought what looked like my original skeins.  I'm knitting with a natural white and the number on the new tag matched the number on the old tag. But once I got the skeins home and held them up to my knitted fabric, the new skeins were definitely more white than natural.  

What's a knitter to do?  Right, run to the next LYS. I was so excited to see that they had a skein of what I needed but only that ... a skein.  So, I'm hoping against hope that I'll have enough to knit two sleeves because I'm totally in love with how this sweater is turning out so far.  


  1. Evelyn, this stitch pattern is terrific. If you're kitchener stitching the front to the back did you knit bottom up first then?