Mar 3, 2016

A Capsule Wardrobe ~ Beginnings

As I promised myself I would, I tackled my clothes closet last weekend, and you know what?  I actually enjoyed the experience of going through all my clothes and getting a handle on what I own and wear.  I've decided to go with the set number of items for my capsule.  Well, not exactly an exact number in that I didn't choose five shirts, four sweaters, etc.  Rather, I decided to pull together a group of clothes that I know I can mix and match easily and comfortably for the next three months.

Here's just a glimpse of my selection:  three linen tees from Madewell from last season which will be a great base for jeans and trousers and that can go alone or covered by a few cropped sweaters that I've owned for a gazillion years. These cardigans are from Old Navy (year unknown) which have surprisingly held up over time.  

In terms of my knitted sweater capsule, I'll definitely knit a cardigan with a similar feel to these store-bought ones ~ I love Flaum (and everything in this issue of Amirisu), Marion (and all Andi's cropped sweaters), and Belmont, to name a few.  With my petite physique and short torso, cropped cardigans are a great staple in my wardrobe and I love the idea of carefully choosing the perfect yarn for this style.  I'm getting inspired ....


  1. Three wonderful choices! I especially love Flaum. It looks like such a versatile little cardigan. Great start so far! I'm too scared to
    look in my closet.

  2. How fun. I love good neutrals with a pop of color.

    1. I agree. Great choices. Can't wait to see the knitted cardigan you will add to your wardrobe.

  3. You are off to such a great start! That Flaum cardigan would be an amazing wardrobe staple for sure.

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  5. I have been wanting to start one, but then, I think, only 5 shirts? Ugh, I like clothes way too much.

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