Apr 27, 2011

There's Always Room for Another Blanket

 While at work one day this past winter, M (hubby) texted to say that he was chilly working up in his attic office.  He wished he had a knitted blanket (by his one and only) to keep him warm.  Really?  How could I never have knitted him such a simple necessity? I’ve knitted blankets for loads of other people but, alas, none for M. But lest you think I don’t shower him with my knitting, I have made M sock slippers and fingerless gloves …
… but, true, no lap blanket. Not one to dwell on such a mistake, I went straight to my LYS that evening after work and bought a variety of Berroco Vintage in earth tones.  I love the way stripes look so decided to knit up a blanket in nice, thick multi-colored stripes.  There’s no real pattern here - just a five-row garter stitch border in each striped color and 17 rows of stockinette.  What could be easier but still look so great?
I love the way it turned out — I worked on this during meetings and the colors made friends and colleagues smile.  And it does look nice on my favorite model!
 ; )

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