Apr 25, 2011

On a plane, on a beach...

I am one lucky girl!  We just returned from a brief but fantastic excursion to St. Lucia to enjoy a break from school and work.  It was our first family trip to the Caribbean, and I have to say, why had we not done this before?!  We arrived to sunshine, puffy clouds, and 90 degree weather — oh, a far cry from the weather we’ve been having in NY.  
Anyone who knows me knows that I am never without a knitting or crochet project and traveling is no exception.  I decided a crochet project would be best — one hook, some small skeins from my stash, and something that would grow as I worked and not need putting together in the end.  After scouring for patterns, I settled on a granny square baby blanket — eventually, someone I know will be having a baby, right?   
This was the PERFECT project.  Fun to crochet, compact, and extremely portable.  
(upon take-off from NY to St. Lucia)
(yes, pool side!)
Almost done … and I’ll have to write a special note to whoever I give this baby blanket to that it was made in the midst of one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world!

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