Apr 18, 2011

Swooning over color...

I’ve always been happy knitting in one color. I find it soothing to watch a single color spread across my project — especially when the color is so gorgeous that you can’t take your eyes (or hands) off the yarn. But then I began to see projects that made me swoon … projects made with MULTIPLE COLORS!

I have to thank Julie at knittedbliss for this when she mentioned in one of her recent posts that she wanted to tackle this beautiful crochet project. And then days later, Tanis at TFA posted her progress on the very same afghan. I couldn’t wait to get started. I ran to my LYS and bought an armful of Berroco Vintage yarns in six different colors.

But … hmmm … I didn’t crochet! In fact, every time I picked up a hook and tried, my brain froze. There’s something intimidating about crocheting. The quick wrist action, the use of that one hook. Oh, and did I mention that my mother is faster than fast when she’s crocheting?

I sat myself down, poured over patterns and instructions, chained, frogged, chained again and after an obsessive weekend of determination, I can now say I crochet! My 80 flowers are finished, and I will spend this week turning them into squares. I’m almost half-way done and think they look great. In the midst of these off-and-on rainy, gray northeastern days, these blooming “flowers” are brightening my spring!

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