May 13, 2011

If it's Friday, it must be...

Swatch: Stash Day
Sunshine Lace

In progress - Berocco Vintage

Isn't this elegant? I guess I can call this a swatch even though it's really a crocheted block.  I wanted to try my hand and hook at something a little more challenging than the granny squares I've been making.  I also wanted a chance to write a little something about this book that I originally borrowed from my local library.  I fell in love with the photographs instantly -- so many designs, so many colors -- and started dreaming about all the afghans I would make mixing and matching the various blocks and colors.  My own copy arrived in the mail yesterday so now I'll have infinite time to drool over the 200 designs.

I chose to swatch this square because of its simple elegance but fairly complex pattern.  I'm not typically drawn to lace but this design really did remind me of the sun and I liked the openness of the inner design. And I left it "in progress" to photograph because I like the way it shows how the circle becomes a square.  Sometimes I feel like a magician when I crochet.

Berocco Vintage is perfect for this pattern as it has a nice weight but isn't bulky.  I plan to try a few other crochet square patterns from Jan Eaton's book and see which ones work well together and turn them into a small afghan.


  1. That is my #1 go to crochet book! Excellent job on expanding your croceht skills. You are amazingly quick. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement ... I'm trying to build those crochet skills and the Eaton book is a great motivator.