May 25, 2011

It's a Swap! Part 3

My swap posts are coming to an end as I finished the lace capelet just in time for graduation day at the college where I work.  The pattern is incredibly easy which was a relief since I only had a few days to complete it.  Looking back, I suppose it would have been nice to have a more leisurely time with my swap project but when I think about the look on Kim's face when I gave it to her, I knew it was the perfect way to use the yarn that Noreen sent my way.

The yarn is super soft which made working with it a pleasure.  I used size 10 needles even though the yarn is a DK weight but it worked.  The rows of yos creates a nice open lace-like detail that maybe is a little lost in a variegated wool but once on, the piece stretches a bit and that row is more noticeable.

It's a snug fit -- not too snug -- but comfy snug. I know Kim will be trying to make it as an actress in New York come the fall so this little gift will come in handy when the weather cools again.  And I think she'll look great in it during her casting calls.  Congratulations again, Kim!  


  1. Nice pic of the recipient with the gift! I definitely would not have thought of DK weight with that pattern, or that colorway, but it worked. Yeah!

  2. What a lovely caplet, and all the colours look great together. I loving seeing what everyone chooses to make with yarn they wouldn't normally buy!