May 27, 2011

If it's Friday, it must be...

Swatch: Stash Day
Brioche Stitch
Brioche Stitch

This post should also be called It's a Swap:  the Finale.  I've written about the yarn that I received as part of the swap I participated in, but I haven't yet written about the yarn that I chose to send to Erin.  Over this past winter, I spent a fair amount of time teaching myself the brioche stitch and while there were many frustrating afternoons trying to master the stitch, I grew to love knitting it.  The brioche stitch produces a reversible knit which is really nice for a scarf or headband but what I really love about it is the fact that this stitch creates a double-sided knit which means that the FO is cushy and thick.

During those snowy weekends when I mastered the brioche stitch, I used a lot of Debbie Stoller's Stitch Nation Full O' Sheep which is 100% peruvian wool and comes in the nicest color range.  So when it came time to look through my stash and pick one skein for my swap partner, I wanted to share with her a yarn that I enjoyed spending a lot of time with.  In my stash was a color called Clementine, a terrific bright orange that wasn't too neon nor too pumpkin.  Erin is working away on a bag with her skein, and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

For me, this yarn works really well in the brioche stitch, and I became a little obsessed with knitting brioche stitch cowls, enough to give away as gifts during the holidays.  

Even our little Aurora got one ... at least for the photo shoot!


  1. would you believe I've never knit anything with the brioche stitch? and all your photos remind me of how awesome it looks!! One of these days....

  2. Brioche stitch intimidates me. I might get there ... eventually. Your FOs look great, though!

    I also have some green Full O' Sheep that I think I'm using (in part) in my project, along with the skein I received from my swap partner. I really like how her purse is turning out so far, so I'm with you - can't wait to see it completed.

  3. I *love* the look of brioche stitch, that's one to add to the list of things to learn!