May 30, 2011

Sheep and Wool Fair

Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, I attended my very first sheep and wool fair in Cummington, MA.  Mark and the kids were sweet enough to tag along even though I know that sheep shearing and ogling wool is not at the top of their "must do" list on a holiday weekend, but they were wonderful sports about it.  We stayed at our friend Kelly's house who generously let us borrow her digs while she was out of town -- thanks again, Kel!  I have a lot to learn and I can't say what type of sheep these are, but M and I admired them all the same.

The Cummington fair was the perfect size for my first experience -- it had a sheep dog trial area,

(that's Roy working to get the sheep through a gate)

a space for sheep shearing and showing, 

(this cutie was just groomed)
a tent under which were spinners, 

(I didn't get a chance to try my hand at spinning but I definitely want to try next time)

and another tent for drop-in knitting and weaving.  We got to the fair mid-morning, and I went straight for the three craft barns where I met spinners, hand-dyers, weavers, and, of course, avid knitters.  

There were so many beautiful bags of fleece and yarns of every type and while I dashed from stall to stall wishing to buy a few skeins from each and every shop, I was incredibly disciplined and chose carefully. 

(that's me -- and that's pretty much what I looked like at every stall)

I saw and touched so many interesting yarns, and I met so many dedicated makers of high-quality products.  It was such a great experience, and I want to spend some time highlighting the various stalls I visited and bought from.   So over the next few blog posts I'll be writing about the Cummington Sheep and Wool Fair.  Stay tuned!


  1. Looks like your first fiber festival was lots of fun!!

  2. Fiber festivals...they are addictive! Looks like your first was a fun event.