Jun 1, 2011

I shouldn't have ...

... but I did.  I added more yarns to my ever-growing stash and while I feel a little guilty, I'm beaming inside thinking about all the new yarn I bought during the fiber arts fair last weekend.  I could have easily bought a skein or two from every yarn stall I came across but I used some self-control and tackled the three craft barns with a strategy.


I started with number one, walked through the whole barn without buying anything ... and then moved onto barn number two and kept to my strategy.

By the time I finished walking the length of barn number three, I had made mental notes of the yarn stalls that I wanted to go back to.  One of the stalls was Into the Whirled

(That's me at the Into the Whirled stall)

Perhaps it was the way the stall was laid out with all the skeins hung in layers and rows, one color more stunning than the last.  Into the Whirled proprietor, Cris, was friendly and approachable which also made visiting her stall such a nice experience.  Her varieties were vast but not overwhelming and since I was looking for a skein of superwash merino in a fingering weight, her choices met what I was in search of. Looking back, I probably should have bought more than one skein -- after all, there are several one-skein projects I have at the ready to knit -- but for now, I'm going to enjoy the one that I did buy.

The photo doesn't do the variegated colors justice, but I hope you get some sense of how lovely this yarn is.  The color is called Pluck and while I spent a good deal of time waffling between this one and another skein of greens and blues (just ask M who was incredibly patient), this one won out because I just love plums and browns.

I have big plans for this skein. I'm designing my first original pattern and once I cast Pluck onto my needles, I'll post the pattern and notes here.

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