May 4, 2011

Sharing a favorite

While I’m always looking for new patterns and stitches, there’s something really comforting about returning to a beloved pattern that I can trust will be soothing to knit and beautiful enough to give as gifts. I’m a huge fan of cowls — there’s something satisfying about knitting in the round. Circles are meditative and the repetitiveness of cowl patterns never seem to bore me. Since finding this cowl, I’ve made it multiple times (most recently for my lovely friend Susan for her winter birthday).  Hi Susan!
It’s easy to knit up, and I can typically make one in just a couple of sittings.  But what’s more important is that it’s super cozy, and when I think of my friends wearing theirs, it makes me happy.  
Hmmm … in writing this, I realized that I’ve never made one for myself.  I’ll have to remedy that soon although I really mustn’t add yet another WIP to my ever-growing stash.  Would love to hear about favorite “go to” patterns that you return to again and again.  Please share.

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  1. Love it! I have this cowl on my to-do-list and your post really inspires me to make one for next winter.
    Make one for yourself!
    The only "go to" pattern I have is the plain stockinette sock that I can knit in my sleep... Even if I like a pattern and the FO a lot there's so much else out there that I want to knit that I rarely have knit the same pattern twice.
    Tina in Germany