Jun 24, 2011

Color Happy

It's been dull and gray and very rainy this past week and while the trees are in every shade of green imaginable, there hasn't been much color otherwise around.  In deciding on my next project, I wanted to knit a simple cardigan and went through my stash for just the right yarn.

(Malabrigo in Geranio)

I'm partial to neutral hues -- gray, beige, black -- but for this sweet cardigan, I'm choosing a bright, eye-popping pink in Malabrigo Worsted.  I think the yarn and the color is gorgeous and when I bought it at my LYS, I didn't have a project in mind but I knew I had to add it to my stash.

The pattern is starting out simple -- stockinette stitch with a m1 at the beginning and end of each row until desired width and then stockinette all the way until the desired length. The pattern also asks for a backward loop m1 which I've not used before and I find it a little tricky.  

I know that I'll be picking up stitches along this bottom hem later to add a garter stitch border all the way around, and in looking at the curve that the backward loop m1 is creating, I can see that picking up these stitches will be easy -- well, that's my guess at least. 

So, this is my weekend project to help cheer up these gray, stormy days.  I hear that sunshine is in the forecast for Sunday and until then, I'll be color happy working on this new wip!


  1. oh that is pretty! Lucky you having such lovelies in your stash. When you buy without a pattern in mind, how do you know how much to buy? There doesn't seem to be an angst quite like the one I had on realising that I didn't have enough of a stashed yarn to do a pattern that I found after the yarn. Looking forward to seeing that cardigan grow, it is certainly a cure for the mean greys.

  2. Beautiful color! I hope someday to be brave enough to tackle a sweater for myself!

  3. Lovely Malabrigo for a lovely pattern! I can't wait to see the finished cardi.

  4. This is going to look great Evelyn, I can tell it will really suit you!