Jun 29, 2011

A first....

In spite of all the years that I've been knitting, I've never test knitted for a designer before. That is, until now.  Over the weekend, amidst multiple birthday celebrations (my son and husband), end-of-school excitement, and a welcome chance to garden (we put in a lush vegetable patch), I cast on my first test knit for Kessa.  

(Knit Picks Comfy Sport)

I learned about Kessa's need for test knitters via her blog and when I saw the photo of this pretty lacy top, I knew that I wanted to volunteer to knit it.

Unfortunately for me, Kessa already had a roster of knitters working on my size (small) but she really needed knitters to work on the larger sizes.  I wanted the experience of helping a designer work out the pros and cons of a new design and jumped in anyway.  I have family and friends who wear larger sizes than I do so I'm bound to have someone to gift this to once I'm done.

I was asked to choose a cotton blend for this summery top and having not worked with Comfy Sport before, I'm really pleased. It's soft and has a nice drape effect and unlike other cotton yarns that I've worked with, it doesn't easily split as I'm knitting. And I decided to go with a much darker color than the one Kessa used for contrast.The photo above shows the provisional cast on and the bottom band that I will eventually pick up with circular needles and begin knitting in the round.  I'm close to doing that and then starting the lace pattern which I'm looking forward to. I'll post my progress as it develops.


  1. that is such a great top!! what an awesome test knit it's going to be. Can't wait to see yours!

  2. I am bowing to your knitting prowess! I only dream of saying I am test knitting for a designer! Nice top BTW! Love the pattern, good luck. Enjoy the holiday weekend! Just started swatching with some ribbon yarn I got on eBay to make Amiga, a cute cardi on Knitty.com

  3. Looking good so far! Love this colour you've chosen. I'm flattered that you consider me a designer. ;) I feel more like an adventurous knitter.