Jul 1, 2011

Four Seasons...

It's official! Today is the kick-off date for a year of projects and I'm excited to begin.   

This group has been in the works for the last two months or so and a healthy number of talented and eager knitters and crocheters will be launching their year of projects today, too. So, how should I begin? It's no secret that I'm an avid organizer and love putting things in categories.  I was first thinking of putting my projects into themes (accessories, cardis, etc.) but that felt uninspired. Looking at my stash, I thought about categorizing by weight of yarn (bulky, lace, etc.)?  Hmm, too nondescript.  And then, after going through my queue for the 100th time, I realized that the categories were already in place. I've had many conversations with other knitters about knitting through the seasons and as a New Yorker, seasons are one of my favorite things about living on the east coast.   

So, friends, here you have it.  My year of projects according to the seasons!  I'll be casting on the Make-up Your Mind Tank (designed by the talented and lovely Julie) over the weekend and will post my progress in a couple of days!

Summer Knits
Airy Summer Cowl
Beaded Cami
Featherweight Cardi
Make-up Your Mind Tank
Prairie Tunic
Ribbed Lace Bolero

Fall Knits
Abalone Cardigan
Cable Neck Cowl
Fall-Away Cardigan
Goodale Cardigan
Lightweight Pullover
Magnum Capelet
Shawl Collared Cowl

Winter Knits
Alpaca Sox Legwarmers
Buttons Cowl
Gathered Pullover
Neckwarmer Hat
Plain & Simple Tee
Stockholm Scarf

Spring Knits
Abigail Cardigan
Citron Shawl
Retro Redux Shrug
Shaelyn Shawl
Shirred Shrug

** Bonus knits will include several pairs of baby booties for expectant friends and the completion of my daughter's Flowers in the Snow afghan (I know, it's not done yet???)


  1. wow! that's a long list. looking forward to seeing your progress. happy knitting!

  2. Somehow it feels just like Christmas today! I suspect I shall spends large chunks of the weekend reading blogs and adding projects to my :heart: list on Ravelry.

    I love your seasons theme, good luck with that pretty tank!

  3. Your list is so organized and big. I love the patterns for all the seasons. Good Luck.

  4. Wow that is a BIG list! I love that you're knitting by seasons.

  5. I love them all! And the idea of season theme is just great!

  6. I have never knit myself a sweater, but you are inspiring more confidence in myself than I should have! :)
    Lovely projects... and happy creating...

  7. What a great list! GIANT! (puts my baby list to shame, I tell ya...) Good luck. Looking forward to watching you move through the seasons.

  8. Evelyn, I love your list. I made one at the beginning of the year for myself, and it was two pages long, so I think yours is still on the tame side. :) I, too, organized by season ... and then month-by-month. Unfortunately, while I've made several things this year, only three have been from the list. Go figure. :)

    However, I will be rooting for your list (you have some lovely things on it - I will be especially intrigued to see your Aidez) and maybe I'll indicate which of my FOs are from my list (although I'm not publishing mine ... to protect the guilt-ridden, of course). :)

  9. Your list is fab! Everyone of the patterns are incredibly exciting. I can't wait to follow your progress. At the end you are going to have some amazing FOs.

  10. Knowing how you are inclined to try new stitch patterns, this tank is a perfect project for you. I have yet to post my year long list, but you've inspired me!

  11. That is a super way of organising your projects. Tasty ayrn pictures too

  12. wow, so ambitious! good luck!

  13. Exciting list! Looking forward to seeing your projects over the next year :-)

  14. your list almost makes me miss the frozen north, almost. It just seems so well thought out. looking forward to watching your projects grow.

  15. Wow! You've got a long list - I wish I was as ambitious as you! Love it! Good luck with the YOP!