Jul 6, 2011

WIPs and counting...

I know that I’m not unique among most knitters and having a basketful of WIPs is pretty typical.  But my WIPs seem to be growing and yet my stash is not dwindling. Hmmm… 

Flowers in the Snow Afghan

Now that I've started my Year of Projects, I have to be even more disciplined than I usually am which probably is a good thing so that I won't have knitty projects stashed all over the house and in various bags.

Granny Square Baby Blanket

I'm still working on Xia which has been a very interesting experience since I'm knitting a large (maybe even an extra large) size, unusual for me since I have always knitted for my size (which is small petite).  Perspective is so important in knitting and I'm having to re-adjust the way knitting feels in my hands.  

I've put aside my Abalone cardigan to continue working on Xia and am anxious to cast-on the Make Up Your Mind tank.  Yep, that's right -- I'll be adding yet another WIP to my stash by the weekend.  I just can't help myself (do you think I need knitting therapy?)!  Happy knitting everyone.


  1. Knitting *is* therapy!

    Those are such beautiful WIPs. Love the afghan!

  2. Wait... they have therapists for that? Do they dress up as LYS owners?.... tee hee

  3. Your projects are drool-worthy! Enjoy your therapy!

  4. Great WIPs. I like how colourful the afghan is.