Jun 13, 2011

Like a Whisper

I just finished the scarf Fascinate that I blogged about on one of my swatch: stash days. I used one hank of beautiful angora in what I called blush and when I saw the pattern, I knew how lovely this delicate scarf would look both in this color and texture.

This is a Berroco pattern and it's incredibly simple.  Two knit rows (garter stitch) followed by a double yo row, and then one row where all the yos are dropped.  I am a huge fan of dropped stitches -- I like the lacy and airy feeling that's created and in a yarn such as angora, the effect is ... well, like a whisper!

I kept the scarf on the short side not only because I only had one hank, but I like the idea of tucking this whisper of a scarf inside a light-weight jacket or cardigan.  This is going to be an end-of-year teacher's gift, and we hope she likes it.


  1. It looks so pretty!! Great job!

  2. That's beautiful! And such a lucky teacher, too!

  3. Hi Evelyn, I'm Sabrina from Sabrinacreations.
    Please go to my blog, you just won the pattern and I don't know how to get in touch with you to send it to you.

  4. Very pretty scarf, and congratulations on winning the pattern on Sabrina's Creations. :)

  5. So pretty!! Okay seriously I wish I had your models!