Jun 10, 2011

If It's Friday, it must be...

Swatch: Stash Day
K1 P1 Cast On

Okay, this isn't my typical Swatch: Stash Day Friday, but I do have something new to share (well, new to me at least).  We all have old habits and, in knitting, I know that I resort to methods that work for me. Why change, right? It's comforting to stay with what we know. When I first learned how to knit, my mother taught me how to start a project with the single cast-on method.  I used this cast-on for years and then about five years ago, I learned the long-tail cast-on and have been using that method every since. 

(one ribbed cuff)
A few days before I cast-on the shirred shrug, I came across a great video from Berroco for the k1 p1 cast-on.  This type of cast-on allows for a nice stretchy rib which is important especially when making arm cuffs.  Once I tried it, I wondered why I had never started a k1 p1 rib in this way before.  It makes complete sense to begin a k1 p1 right from the beginning.

(another photo of the shrug, just for fun!)

What cast-on methods do you especially love?  Please share.


  1. I think that my favorite cast-on is the Old Norwegian cast on , it is so stretchy and looks really beautiful too!

  2. I was reading older blog posts that you have and found this great video. I never had heard of this cast on and I will definitely use it withe the next item that starts with ribbing. Thanks for reminding me to visit Berroco for videos! e