Jun 8, 2011

Mindless knitting

Every now and then, I have the need to work on something a little bit mindless but interesting all the same. I'm sure I'm like many knitters out there who look to challenge themselves with demanding projects that require space, time, and concentrated effort. But then while working on that project (you know what I'm talking about -- the one that doesn't let you watch a movie while knitting), I find myself craving a straight-forward, easy knit.  That's what happened to me late in May while I was working on the norfolk seashells baby afghan for my friend Natalie. I loved working on this afghan, but I found myself needing to stop every few rows. After a while, I realized that I needed another project to cleanse my palate, so to speak. So, I went in search of a simple pattern and found the Brulee Scarf which fit my quest perfectly.

Designed by Cirilia Rose, this scarf is plain old garter stitch with a twist.  

(all garter stitch in Berocco Cuzco)

When you near the end of the length you want, you create four button holes by adding YOs.  On the opposite end of the scarf, you sew on pretty buttons.  Both ends have a crocheted detail that also adds a little something different to an otherwise plain garter-stitch scarf.

(this is before I sewed the buttons on)
This is a fun scarf to wear and while I suppose the buttons aren't really a necessity, they are a lovely element that turns a simple design into something eye-catching. Oh, and mindless knitting is a good thing even though the phrase perhaps doesn't sound so nice!


  1. Very pretty!! I love a good simple knit, too. Sometimes you just need the mindless knitting that produces a pretty FO.

  2. Hi Evelyn

    Welcome to Blogland. Thanks for commenting on my blog - Violet-White! Can't email you as you don't display an email in your blog!
    Your scarf looks really cosy!

  3. Mindless knitting is definitely a necessity for me - especially when I've also got something complicated on the go! The scarf looks really classy, like the buttons a lot :)

  4. That is a lovely scarf. Mindless knitting it often the best part of my day.

  5. What a sweet design! I love that you knit this scarf in off-white! Beautiful!

  6. Hey Evelyn! Love the scarf! Love the color, and love the buttons. For your next mindless knit, consider getting the Quincy hat pattern (http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/quincy) by Jared Flood. I have made six of them and I love making them. It's just garter stitch with applied I-cord border and you twist the rectangle to get a sculptural effect.
    Also, need to private message you about the 12 project challenge that starts in July. <3

  7. I always have to have something mindless on the needles. Usually I carry it around in my knitting bag, just in case I have to wait somewhere. Then sometimes I just like to watch a movie and work on it. My scrunchable scarf fits the bill.
    I love you "mindless" scarf! The colors is gorgeous!

  8. Garter stitch...every knitter's "first love." The buttons are a wonderful touch!