Aug 24, 2011

Revisiting Favorites

I think I'm safe in saying that most knitters are attracted to a pattern, rush to knit it, love it, promise to knit it again (and again and again), but then fall in love with yet another new pattern and the promise goes unfulfilled. I'm guilty (you, too?) and having just completed two patterns new to my repertoire, I found myself making the same vow. 


I definitely want plan to knit these two beauties again and it got me thinking about all my old favorites which I NEED to put back on my list of must knit again patterns.
Burberry Cowl 
One of my all-time favorite cowls.

Cobblestone Scarf

Scalene Shawl
A beautiful shawl. 

Shirred Shrug
A shrug for any wardrobe.

What's on your list of favorites to knit again?  I'd love to add more to my list!


  1. You raise such a good point- I find like most knitters, I knit something once and I move onto the next, even though I might love the pattern. I think the Burning Ring of Fire Cowl and the #12 Cabled Cowl are definitely on my to-knit-again list!

  2. Well, I'm actually in the process of crocheting something for the second time ... but this time 'round it's for someone else. :) However, as a general rule, only once for me - and for the same reason. So.Many.Great.Patterns. So.Little.Time.

  3. I am a knitter who does lots of repeats. I've knitted certain toys over and over. About 5 Rambling Rows afghans. Three Jared Flood Quincy hats. I just finished two Bayfront Hats. Hats--I find favs and make gobs of them. I've made 3 Wonderful Wallabys, and multiples of certain "go to" baby patterns. I guess I'm in a rut at certain times. But returning to an old pattern, that you can relax with and into, it's such low stress and so soothing. I guess that's why I am a repeat "customer." Now remember, I've been knitting steadily and often voraciously for 51 years! (Since I was 7.)

  4. I haven't really been knitting long enough where I have a ton of patterns that I really want to repeat--I don't like re-reading a book I have read either! There is so little time, and so many patterns out there to discover--I have no time for repeats. Except for a baby hat or something small like that.

  5. I did knit a Debbie Bliss baby jumper twice, but hated the yarn for the second one so it never got seamed up. I have made two crochet Granny Stripes blanket, much as I love them two was definitely enough. This Babette will be a single child, way too many ends!