Aug 18, 2011

Summer Holiday (Part II)

Our stay in Newport, Rhode Island, was exactly what we had hoped for -- sun-filled beach days, lots of cooking (and eating), and time together as a family.

We had seven straight days of gorgeous weather and took advantage of being outdoors on every single one!  

We all got a lot of reading done, and while I was teased for knitting in the sunshine, I got to continue working through my list of year of projects, including the completion of this beauty.  At least I restrained myself from knitting on the beach!

Me and Miranda at The Conservatory, Vanderbilt Mansion

"The Dream"  --A favorite spot at our holiday rental 

Here's a sneak preview of what I cast on during the second part of our summer holiday.  I'll be blogging about this soon!



  1. Ohh, I like that pink hat that Miranda is sporting! Now that picture of you and Miranda is just the best.

  2. What a super sounding vacation--and such productive knitting too! Your daughter's top and that hat are stunning!

  3. Newport is a great vacation spot - in fact, the whole southern RI shore has some of the best beaches most people haven't heard of!

    Your photo with your daughter is precious - and love that sunshine knitting. :)

  4. Very cute hat! Love the colour scheme as well.