Sep 14, 2011

Magician's Assistant

I've been working on some original designs which I'm really happy with and can't wait to share but until I sort out all the kinks and get these patterns down on paper, they'll just have to stay secret for now.  Figuring out how a stitch works and develops into the kind of fabric I'm trying to achieve has been thrilling but tiring, too, and after weeks of knitting my own patterns over and over again, I put my needles down and flipped through my pattern binder.  Okay, call me overly organized but, yes, I keep a binder of patterns I plan to make, all in individual plastic sleeves and filed according to season.  Don't you?

Like any skill or craft, I know how important it is to learn from others, and as I'm stretching myself with designing, I find that knitting the designs of those I admire helps me develop my own abilities.
Astrid - fringe in cascade 220
I've called this post "magician's assistant" because that's exactly how I felt when I cast on this whimsical pattern (a new replacement on my year of projects).  It was designed by Joji Locatelli and I fell in love with the whole concept of this scarf.

The scarf begins with a fringe of bobbles.  It took me a few attempts before I figured out the proper way to make the bobbles, but once I did, I couldn't help smiling.  Like magic, each turn of the needles with either a knit or a purl became a bobble and not only that, my fringe began to develop and grow.  I couldn't quite get over it.  So, while I'm making this little project, I feel like a magician's assistant, turning yarn into this incredible fringe.


  1. That is pretty cool, looks like you have a real talent for knitting.

    I would love to design my own pattern, and I probably should try it...but I am still learning!

  2. hi-5! Yes, all my patterns are in a book of plastic pockets. The owner of the LYS was most impressed. My crafting time is so limited that I can't afford to waste it looking for folders. Mine aren't ordered by season however, there seems little point really as this summer has been so cool.

    Cute scarf! I suspect that anyone writing her own patterns is more magician than assistant! Looking forward to seeing your patterns. Happy knitting! x

  3. sorry, looking for patterns, not folders!

  4. That is a neat scarf! I agree that I learn so much from just reading other people's patterns. Good luck getting your own collection going :-)

  5. I can't wait to see what you come up with! I think we've followed similar paths with our knitting. Since I began to have time to knit seriously I have learned sooo much. Each project teaches me new things. And isn't it so cool to find a pattern that geeks you out!? I can see why you like that scarf. :-)

  6. What a unique pattern! I felt the same way you do about your bobbles when I taught myself how to do picots--it was like magic!

  7. Bravo Evelyn! This looks wonderful. What a new wonderful venture for you!

  8. So pretty! I just learned to make bobbles this summer, and now I love them :)