Sep 12, 2011

Year of Projects: Redux

Now that summer is turning into autumn (at least where I live), I think it's time to review my year of projects and re-think my list.  I follow many, many knitting blogs and am so inspired by each of them.  And there lies my problem ... every time someone writes about a new pattern they've designed or discovered or is knitting, I have to add it to my queue.  But I'm trying to use some self-control and so rather than add to my list, I'm replacing projects instead (that's a kinder word than cutting, don't you think?). I suspect that this list may change again in a couple of months. No, I'm not fickle as much as easily inspired and I find that one of the (many) joys of knitting is discovering new patterns and designers.

Summer Knits
Airy Summer Cowl
Beaded Cami
Featherweight Cardi
Felicity (FO)

French Lace Camisole
Make-up Your Mind Tank (FO)
Prairie Tunic
Ribbed Lace Bolero

Fall Knits
Abalone Cardigan
Astrid (WIP)

Cable Neck Cowl 
Fall-Away Cardigan
Goodale Cardigan
Lightweight Pullover
Magnum Capelet

Shawl Collared Cowl

Winter Knits
Alpaca Sox Legwarmers
Buttons Cowl
Gathered Pullover
Make No Mistake Scarf 

Neckwarmer Hat (FO)
Plain & Simple Tee
Stockholm Scarf

Spring Knits
Abigail Cardigan
Citron Shawl
Retro Redux Shrug
Shaelyn Shawl
Shirred Shrug


  1. I absolutely love to make lists. And before, I was lilke you, my queue was just way out of control! So, every now and then, I added this and that and that particular pattern and an other one... until I reached one point. I started asking myself "am I really going to make this?". If I had similar patterns in my queue, I'd choose only one. And I asked BF to look at them and discard some. It helped A LOT and I only kept the ones I was really excited about! But in the same way, aaaalllll those patterns are exciting...

  2. I think I re-assess my list every week! I do need to go through and prioritze my Christmas knitting!

  3. Join the re-assess club. I had to do the same thing for the same reasons. And you are right, we are not fickled, just inspired. Those other projects that we have replaced will someday come back on the list.

  4. This is the reason I put mostly small things on my list or didn't commit to too many specific patterns because there is so much inspiration out there, new patterns, new skills that one learns and then enjoys too much to leave...... It's your list and it's only right that you change it if you're feeling more inspired by other things at the moment.

    As for that yarn in the picture - it looks lovely - what is it?

  5. Yeah, ban "fickle" from the vocabulary - freely exercise your right to change your mind for any ole reason. :)

    I periodically check my list too - and if something still doesn't appeal to me, I view it as an indication that it was just a passing fancy. Those that hold their appeal are keepers, and then I don't care how long it takes me to finally make them. :)

  6. Voie de Vie posted it well! Do what you like.
    I only changed a blanket pattern for my baby which is having me crocheting something more challenging.

  7. Yum, cake! Even if they are yarn cakes!

    That's quite a list you have there - that'll keep you busy for a couple of years.

  8. So many beautiful things to knit, so little time. It's the perennial knitter's dilemma! You've chosen some gorgeous patterns, and why not replace them when you think they're better than what you've already selected!? looking forward to seeing the finished results.

  9. Oh, I was so glad to read this! I am constantly rethinking my list, internally for now, but I'll soon be posting a similar relisting... I'm already working on a project that wasn't on the original list :D