Oct 12, 2011


I'm fortunate in that I work with two terrific women who love to knit as much as I do.  Our work environment is pretty relaxed (it's a college campus), and we get to knit together here and there.  We often share patterns, yarn ideas, and tips, and the other day, Polly showed me a Moebius cowl that she was knitting. It was love at first sight (so Polly, this post is for you!).

She knitted hers in Malabrigo Worsted, one of my favorite yarns. Wanting a similar weight and look, I riffled through my stash and happily came across a skein of Mal in Purple Mystery (isn't it gorgeous?). For those of you who've knitted a Moebius before, you know that the cast-on is unlike any other cast on. Like a magic trick, the Cat Bordhi method is incredibly clever and unique. Just how do these designers come up with methods like this? Here's her tutorial:

On Sunday, I sneaked in a couple of hours to knit -- it's the one day when I can take some quiet time and work on a WIP, turn a WIP into an FO, or cast on something new.  I cast-on a Moebius cowl and I'm awestruck. It's fabulous, and I've now got another method in my repertoire.  So, thanks Polly!


  1. I could have really used this tutorial when I made that giant moebius cowl last year! thanks for posting it :)

  2. Thank you Evelyn! You are the one who has gotten me to adventure out. I am on my second moebius cowl now - it's like magic, I love watching it take shape. We three are very fortunate!

  3. Isn't it great when given a chance to learn something new that really lights our fire???