Oct 26, 2011

Knitting for Baby

Somehow we all seem to love to knit for babies.  Maybe it's because it feels so nice to know that there's a new little someone entering a family.  Or maybe it's because we knitters like to make things that will keep a new little someone warm and cozy.  Or maybe it's just because baby knits are so darn cute!

Baby hats/beanies are probably the easiest thing in the world to knit.  Well, that is if you enjoy knitting in the round like I do.  One of the nice things about baby hats is that they don't really need a pattern.  You cast on somewhere between 60 - 80 stitches (if using size 5 - 7 needles and DK weight yarn), join in the round, making sure not to twist, and knit away.  A simple roll-brim stockinette stitch hat can be knit up in practically one sitting. 

But then there are times when you want to add just a little something different, something out of the ordinary, and that's when patterns do come in handy.  A colleague of Mark's recently had a baby, and I thought it would be nice to knit her baby a hat since weather has gotten cool.  I turned to this set of patterns from LOOP, a great LYS in Philadelphia that I blogged about visiting in the summer.

I still kept the hat simple -- 2x rib brim, stockinette stitch, and decreases at the crown until an inch to the top where I then threaded the yarn through the remaining 25 stitches and pulled the top closed.  Another way to jazz up a simple baby hat is to choose a yarn that will do the design for you.  I love the way this Ella Rae Classic Wool yarn made this swirly pattern and changed hues of blue throughout.  I hope this little knit keeps the baby warm and smiling.


  1. Very cute! I have to work on some baby projects soon, but may go the blanket route again :).

  2. Cute! I love baby knits because they're so darn fast :D

  3. I've not really knit for babies, Evelyn.
    However I have knit an Abigail Baby Sweater from Ravelry.
    Since I've been knitting there has been no babies 'round here to knit for.
    But, at your post's inspiration, the pattern from you link is now downloaded onto my laptop and printed out.
    Sooooo, who knows . . . .

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  5. I love knitting baby hats, such satisfaction in such a short period of time!

  6. Oh, so cute!!! I wish I could knit so easily without a pattern. :p

    Another benefit to baby knits (that I see someone else already mentioned) is that they finish super-quickly. :)

    I'm hoping to have some reasons to knit more baby stuff in the near future. . .

  7. Super cute! I like the way the shades of blue pooled a bit...but not enough to take over the hat.

  8. Very cute hat and the best gifts are hand made , so this is perfect!