Oct 24, 2011

A Pom-Pom Story

As October slowly starts to fade, I have wanted to capture the colors that are surrounding my little part of the world.  

Knitting in Beantown
I've noticed on your blogs that some of you are knitting with the most autumnal colors, and I am so drawn to what you are creating in these burnt oranges, fiery reds, and buttery yellows.

It's been so much fun to read about your varied projects and how influenced you are with color and texture at this time of year.  
So Knit Picky
As you know, I'm always looking around for inspiration. Sometimes I find it in nature, in the books I read, in my travel adventures, and even on social media! I've been having a lot of fun on Pinterest (follow me by clicking on the Pinterest button under my profile photo) where I'm constantly inspired and introduced to ideas that are so incredibly clever that I wish I had thought of them myself. I went on Pinterest this past weekend for a specific purpose: I was getting tired of my old autumn decorations for outside the house and wanted to find some fresh ideas.  

One that I fell instantly in love with was a colorful pom pom wreath made from yarn.  I knew right away that I had to make this wreath and make it this weekend! I bought an inexpensive bunch of supplies, and taught Miranda how to make small, medium, and large pom poms just with our hands and a pair of scissors.  She got the technique right away and we spent Friday evening making pom poms and watching a movie (heaven!).

So here is our new masterpiece.  We're pretty proud of it and it puts a smile on my face every time I come up to our front door. You can find how to do this on my Pinterest board (Yarn Love).

Red Heart acrylic yarn

Miranda making a medium pom pom

That's me starting to tie the pom poms onto a wreath

The FO

Happy Autumn, dear friends!


  1. That is SO pretty,Evelyn! And I love it that you got to make it with your daughter!

  2. So festive! I like it!
    BTW, I should have left this on yesterday's post about food... I have found a new cooking site that gives you great WW recipes with the points value. It is called Slender Kitchen dot com.
    I made the chicken broccoli spaghetti last night and the kids kept saying "This is only 6 points??" Well, 6 points for one serving, one cup measure!

  3. Just checking your blog and realized my Brattleboro hat was there; I couldn't see the photo on my computer at work. Thanks!!! I loved making that hat.

  4. I love it!! And I know the feeling. Whenever I see something that I think (know) I can recreate, I want to do it right away! Like the magazine xmas trees I copied from Martha. Good job, Miranda!!
    BTW...you and Mom have the same hands! :-)

  5. I'd better not let Eric see this post. He has a thing with pom poms. And I've only just finished his latest whimsy request!

    It looked like fun to make with Miranda.

  6. So cool! What a fun project :)