Oct 23, 2011

Cookie Love

Last Sunday, I posted about the deep connection between knitting and cooking.  These two passions often go together (not at the same time, of course) but in terms of interest and practice.  I try to be a seasonal cook and since I live on the east coast and actually have seasons, I really enjoy turning to certain fruits and vegetables that come with the change in weather and climate.

It's apple harvest time in my region and I love cooking with apples.  When I came across this little recipe on Smitten Kitchen's blog, I was so excited.  You see, I'm a cookie monster. I have a cookie jar in my kitchen that is never (and I mean never) empty.  Sometimes it's simply filled -- plain butter, chocolate chip, oatmeal -- but when I feel inspired, more complex cookies get added to the jar -- peanut butter, black and whites, dulce de leche sandwiches.  

These are apple cookies and I love that they look like tiny apple pies. We need to go apple picking soon.  I know, it's on the late side but I bet there are still some nice varieties on the trees.  This recipe will be a nice addition to my autumn recipe file, and I can just imagine enjoying them with a nice cup of tea and my knitting.  


  1. We have a huge ( I read the expression pruned b the clouds once that would describe ours) cooking apple tree in our back garden, I don't know how old it is, but my father-in-law reckons he climbed it when he was a little boy and he is 67. It produces a ridiculous amount of apples which start falling around April as there are too many. Most apples go to waste to be honest, but when you get a good size apple that has survived (birds, long grass, kids) they make lovely puds.

    Your cookie link looks yummy. I think if I can find some suitable apples I'll give it a try, maybe this week as it is half-term!

  2. Mmm, yummy. We haven't been apple picking this year, somehow that seems wrong.

  3. I was going to bake yesterday
    I was going to bake today

    just so lovely outside with some of our very last warm days - not an oven day

    I knit yesterday
    I am going to sit down in my chair right now and knit

  4. Those apple cookies look delicious!! Home baking is always nicer than bought stuff.

    I've had some Granny Smiths sitting in the kitchen waiting to be cooked for a week now - I think you've just inspired me!