Oct 3, 2011

Put Your Mitts On

When the weather cools, I love to go through my knitted accessories and remind myself of all those terrific little patterns that I've enjoyed knitting over the years.  One of my favorites is fingerless mitts. I love the way they look whether knitted up in stripes or solids.  Somehow, fingerless mitts add a little special something to an outfit  -- they're warm, cozy, and super stylish.  I've seen some knit up long so they act as extra sleeves, and I've seen others knit up short and chunky. Regardless, the most important aspect (to me, at least) is that they be knitted up in a soft, luxurious yarn.


At my LYS, Jane, the owner, introduced me to the house yarn and I fell in love instantly.  This yarn comes in a few different weights and the one I bought is a DK called Adele.  It's incredibly soft and the colorways are so pretty and I've been told that the yarn becomes softer and loftier every time it's washed.  I'm calling this one cornflower and once I got it home, I went in search of a fingerless mitt pattern for Miranda.

There are so many wonderful mitt patterns on Ravelry but the more I looked, the more I wanted to challenge myself by knitting a pair that had actual fingers.  But I didn't want proper full-finger gloves and so settled on this one which includes partial fingers.
I've posted before about how knitting sometimes makes me feel like a magician's assistant and this pattern stirred similar feelings.  The thumb gusset is one of the best I've knitted and as I worked on each finger, it was so fun to watch the individual digits develop.

I've already noted the mods I will make the next time I knit this for myself but for my first try at digits, I'm really happy with the way these turned out. I have slim hands so I don't need to increase above the wrist and while I like the thumb gusset, I also won't need to increase to 16 stitches between the markers as my fingers are very slim (including my thumb). And next time, I'd like to try a different type of cuff, but other than those few mods, this is a great pattern and I'm looking forward to chillier days when I will want to put my mitts on.


  1. That yarn looks amazing. What is the fiber content?

  2. Great mitts, and the color is just lovely.

  3. I need to try making mitts, its one thing I have not tried to learn how to make yet :) Yours are looking really good :D

  4. Nice! Fingers are a nuisance to knit. I admire you having a go at them!