Oct 29, 2011

They're Watching

I know, it seems that all I have on my mind these days is Halloween, and I'm not even such a huge fan of this holiday.  Still, after making my autumnal pom pom wreath and realizing that the front porch needed spiders to thrill the trick or treaters come Monday, I couldn't resist making these!

I came across this pattern by Mary Jane Mucklestone (who knew she designed eyeballs?) and cast-on immediately.  I'm definitely going to make more (in-between knitting Miranda's costume) and perhaps put a whole bowl of them on the front porch. Hmmm, maybe I should put them in the same bowl that I fill with treats to give out on Halloween.  After all, you are supposed to be a little scared on all hallow's eve, right?  

P.S.  My friend Beverly says I should add some red yarn to make a few eyeballs look bloodshot. I think that's a great idea!


  1. Creepy! Perfect for Halloween!

  2. Haha! They're great! At first I thought you're gonna use them for spiders' eyes:)

  3. Boooo ! ! ! !

    Looks like your knittin' for the season, gal.


  4. I don't 'do' Halloween, but I do love your eyeballs, very clever, I think my boys would like these too!

  5. Cool! That's so much for pointing me to this pattern. I knit lots of toys and you never know when knitted eyeballs would be purr-fect!

  6. Oops...that's "thanks"...I really should use your handy preview feature!

  7. You're so funny. Eric is casting hopeful comments towards Halloween decorations at this end, but we're just not big on it here, and I have put a firm foot down. Mean mummy, I know. Good on you for creating a great Halloween atmosphere!

    Hear it's a bit cold over where you are at the moment... I hope you're staying warm and safe.

    Happy Halloween!