Nov 23, 2011

Gerry Love

When I started Project: Stash last April, I didn't quite know what to expect or how much I would blog. I knew I wanted to jump into the conversations that I was enjoying reading on other knitters' blogs and hoped that it would be a place to share my growing love of fiber and design.  That expectation has definitely been fulfilled, and I feel a great connection to all you incredible knitters, crocheters, and bloggers out there who make up the most encouraging and supportive community I've had the chance to participate in.

A delightful package rom GerryART

The most surprising and joyful aspect of my foray into the blogsphere has simply been the many friendships I've made across this vast universe.  Ravelry has been a huge component of these friendships, too, but it has truly been through blogging that some very special people have entered my life.  Some of the earliest were Erin, Andi, Julie, and Kirsten, all of whose blogs are a great inspiration to me.  More recently, I've developed special friendships with Wei Siew (I think we must be family!), Cara, and Gail. But it's a new friend I want to especially write about today: Gerryone of the grooviest women I've met in a long time.  

Yarn, Notebook, Stitch Marker

Over on her blog a couple of weeks ago, she posted a giveaway and I just couldn't resist throwing my name in the beanie.  Lo and behold, her very clever husband picked my name out and over the weekend, this is what I received!

Fiesta Baby Boom

Gerry wrapped each part of this package with her own little touch and it felt like my birthday (my favorite occasion of all) as I unwrapped each surprise.  I've been wanting to cast on a toe-up sock pattern and this yarn will make a gorgeous pair.  Thank you, Gerry, for sending me this oh-so-lovely package and introducing me to a new yarn ... I thank you and my stash thanks you!  


  1. Wow, what a great surprise package! Gerry is so cool!

  2. Oh wow! That is some attractive yarn, it will make some wonderful socks!

  3. Blogging HAS been the best, isn't it.

    We've met so many interesting, creative, talented, generous people via blogs,
    How could we have every done it without The Internet.
    Love all the eye candy that's out there, love the inspiration and motivation each blog provides this gal in mid-MO.
    Evelyn, you've said such sweet things about me, but let me tell you and every other blogger that you all have given me so much through your blog posts and comments that I feel I've much to learn and do.
    Fiesta Baby Boom is great to work with and wish you the best while knitting your toe up sox.
    [while that stitch marker may look like a Christmas Stocking, it really is one of you initials]
    Congrats on winning my giveaway.

  4. Ohh! That yarn is so beautiful! Have fun making those socks.

  5. Lucky, lucky you!! I agree with Gerry's comment. Blogging is such a fantastic way to meet like-minded people and be inspired at the same time.

  6. You certainly have a lovely blog! And what fun to win such lovely prizes, congratulations on both counts! :D)