Nov 6, 2011

Here We Go Again!

I know, I don't really have to revise my year of projects list and share it, but I'm doing this for me.  I love being organized and feeling a sense of order and lately, with all my non-YOP knitting, I have felt scattered about my knitting.  Now that it's November, many of you are blogging about gift knitting lists. It got me thinking about projects that I'd like to knit in the coming weeks as gifts for my dear friends and family. 

That said, I've added a few accessories to my Fall and Winter lists that will be just for gift giving.  Yes, the list has grown quite a bit since I first created it in July but I'm so excited about these newly-discovered projects that I feel energized rather than daunted. Today is a quiet day that I've reserved for organizing my stash and casting on new projects.  All will be in 100% wool (to continue acknowledgement of Wovember) and with the extra hour, I'm very happy!

Fall Knits

Astrid (FO)

Cable Neck Cowl 
Castle Pullover
Evelyn Cowl
Goodale Cardigan

Malabrigo Weave Scarf

Shawl Hill Capelet

Winter Knits
Alpaca Sox Legwarmers

Casu Cowl
Gemstone Hat
Marshmallow Fluff Cowl
Neckwarmer Hat (FO)
Plain & Simple Tee

Solstice Cardigan
Stockholm Scarf

Spring Knits
Abigail Cardigan

Jeweled Cowl
Shirred Shrug

Summer Knits

Featherweight Cardi
Felicity (FO)

French Lace Camisole
Make-up Your Mind Tank (FO)
Ribbed Lace Bolero


  1. That is a very well organized list, not to mention ambitious! I'm so impressed! Every time I read your blog I feel so inspired to get more organized myself. Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I love the list. My "mental" list is very small in comparison and I still probably won't get it all done. I can't wait to see all your lovely creations!

  3. You are extremely organized now. I admire you for it and your list is great.

  4. Enjoy your quiet day! I am taking a scenic diversion from my list at the moment. It is as much a Year of Learning as a Year of Projects for me.

  5. Hmm, wovember, huh? Hadn't heard of it before, so thank goodness I happen to have wool on my needles anyway. Your list looks daunting to me; not sure I could do that much even in three years! Good luck!

  6. My goodness you are brave! I take my hat off to all the beautiful things you have made already and I know you will make. I have a very short list, but then I know what I am like for doing things in between....I'm not to clever at planning which is my downfall I'm afraid!

  7. You know what you want! Goodluck! :) I'm sure you'll have it all under control.

  8. 1) I followed your links and raided your list!
    2) I'm so impressed with how organized and thoughtful you are about your knitting. My train of thought usually goes like this: "Oooo - pretty! I want that!" followed by knitting it! I wish I could be more organized about it!

  9. I love your list and how well its organised and some of the projects you've picked are beautiful, can't wait to see your progress on them.

  10. Thanks for sharing the Wovember info... I think it is an exciting concept, promoting truth in labeling and just loving wool garments.
    I am loving your list and the fact that you some FOs! I, too, am looking forward to your WIP Wednesday post to see some of your colors! Hope you an d your family are settled back into warmth and comfort.

  11. That is a great list! I had to have a snoop at the patterns and have already pinched one of them. ;-)

    Looking forward to seeing the results!

    I'm envious you're in the right season for wool. It's got so warm here that it's not wool wearing season any more. :-( At least I can still talk about it and knit it!

  12. I love your organization and admit that I too am feeling stressed about holiday crafting!

  13. Evelyn, I came back to this post.
    The first time reading through your lists my brain went awhirling and I got dizzy.
    Gal, you have a list that goes beyond . . .

    It overwhelms me.

    Now with a second run at your post I'll absorb a little more. But I have to say, you are an enthusiastic knitter.