Nov 4, 2011

Better Late Than Never

One happy thing I can say about this past week is that I managed to knit in spite of our loss of electricity.  Being a fairly experienced knitter, I can sometimes knit while watching a movie or talking to a friend or, as I discovered earlier this week, in the dark.

Miranda's Cat Paws

Cat Ears

We lost power on Saturday afternoon during the hardest snow fall of the N'oreaster, but I had only completed the cat paws of Miranda's Halloween costume so I had to press on and lit as many candles as I could find to keep knitting.

This is a swift and easy project with great results.  I chose hot pink rather than light pink for the paw pads and inner ears which I think helps the costume pop.  I used Sidar Snuggly which I've never knit with before.  I feel a little conflicted writing about this yarn during the Wovember challenge as it's not made from 100% wool but I'll justify this by saying that I completed the project before November 1 (whew, that was close).

We added black nail polish, some black whiskers and a nose in stage make-up, and a touch of blush for a rosy-cheeked affect.

I had hoped to post this on Halloween but we all know what happens to best-laid plans.  As this post is titled, better late than never!


  1. So cute! I'm so impressed you can knit in the dark - it'd be a disaster if I tried that :)

  2. Wow! Knitting with black yarn in the dark?! That is truly impressive!!

    Just how beautiful is your daughter?!!! Gorgeous hair - I'm rather envious!

  3. Really cute and I'm sure the Wovember people will forgive you ;).

  4. Most adorable kitty I've ever seen!

  5. Very clever! Your daughter looks brilliant, got to take my hat off to you for knitting in the dark mind, especially with the black yarn.

  6. Your paws and ears are so so sweet! How special for your daughter.

  7. Too, too, too cute!!! I can usually handle knitting in semi-darkness, but not with different colors and not with black. I'm impressed!

  8. You did such a wonderful job! Especially with no power. Very cute!