Nov 2, 2011

I love wool (and I know you do, too)!

Yes, I'm back!  Electricity was restored this morning only minutes before I was leaving for work.  Considering that we were without light, heat, and general comfort of our regularly plugged in appliances for four straight days (and nights), I'm proud to say that we never lost our tempers nor did we pout or whine (too much).  Instead, we read by candle and flashlight, stayed warm by the fireplace, and accepted the good will and kindness of our friends who let us sit in their warm and well-lit homes.

One thing that I did do yesterday when imagining yet another night of sleeping in near-freezing temperatures was to buy us all good-quality flannel sheets.  They did the trick and during our last night of being without power, we managed to stay warm in our beds.  It got me thinking about how much I appreciate natural fibers like cotton and, yes, wool!

There is so much to love about wool. 

I love where it comes from.

I love what spinners do with it.

From Doodles in String
And I love what we knitters and crocheters do with it once it becomes yarn and does a few turns on our needles and hooks.

Malabrigo Worsted in Intenso

Thanks to Erin and Chris, I learned about Wovember, and I'm excited about participating.  I love wool and I bet you do, too!  Join us!


  1. Wow, 4 days without power! So glad the power's back now - it sounds like you had a great attitude about a bad situation :)

  2. So happy that you have electricity again. I went to the Wovember website after reading about it on Kate's blog. Such a great idea. Will you be entering a photo into the contest?
    (The autumn basket in my post today was bought at Michael's along with the yarn)

  3. I am right there with you about the wool! Glad that you have electricity again. That happened at my college for 3 days last year and it was pandemonium.

  4. I heard about that- 4 days is such a long time!! Glad that you have power again, and that things are going well. You can't beat the warmth of wool, that's for sure!

  5. And look what wool can allow us to do! That intenso colourway is fabulous. I want it.

    Glad you're safely back on line now. xx

  6. It's always so nice to hear from you on my blog Evelyn.

    Congrats on all your posts throughout October - sorry to hear about your power woes, thank goodness for all your lovely knitting.

    Hope everything's back to normal now (I love my flannel sheets too by the way!)


  7. Glad you were able to weather your little adventure so well. Glad to hear that everything is back to normal. Love the red. It's going to be beautiful.