Nov 11, 2011


There was one winter, maybe even last winter, when I spent a lot of time knitting socks.  I'm fond of light-weight yarns and thin needles which create a delicate fabric that is a pleasure to knit (for me, at least).  Amongst you are stellar sock knitters include FridicaMy Sister's Knitter, and GerryART. When I see the socks that these folks are working on, I'm always so impressed and, yes, in awel.

I haven't knit socks in quite a while.  Not for any specific reason other than the fact that my attention has been drawn to non-sock projects.  And then recently, my boss had a serious foot injury that has required multiple surgeries and long stints in a cast.  With the colder weather upon us, he has been in dire need of a large sock to cover his exposed toes that are not covered by the cast.  Knowing what an avid knitter I am, he asked if I would design a toe cover for him, one that was wide enough to go over his cast and thick enough to keep his toes warm. And yes, I knit this in 100% wool.

As I have always knit socks from the top down to the heel and then to the toe, I was a little stumped at first.   And then I came across this video for toe-up socks and I now have another great method for my repertoire.

Cascade 220 Wool

I measured the span of his cast and created this toe sock which fits perfectly.  To stay snug on the cast, I knit a 2x rib but I also think it adds a nice little design element to an otherwise plain knit.  He's thrilled with this and I've since knit him another one in black and am thinking I may get back to knitting socks again.  I'll have to keep an eye on what all you sock knitters are working on and get started on some holiday gifts


  1. Toe-up is great isn't it! I especially love it because it avoids the dreaded Kitchener.

  2. Thank you love, that is quite a compliment! Alas, I fear the toe up and lvoe the kitchener to death. You are indeed one up on me in the toe up department. What a wonderful are simply brilliant!

  3. Perfect design! Your boss owes you big time!

  4. Thanks for the Shout Out, Evelyn.
    I do love knitting sox.