Nov 9, 2011

The Evelyn Cowl - Part I

Thanks to each of you who commented on my blog post from Sunday. I love having this great web of support out there in the knitting community even if we all live scattered across the globe. As you know, I revised my YOP list, and while doing that I had two emotions:  (1) pure excitement and (2) hesitant wonder. I contemplated which projects to let go of and which ones to add and with each pattern, I felt tingles of excitement.  Oh, I know you get those tingles, too, when you come across newly-discovered designs.  And reading your comments helped boost my confidence and, as always, I welcome and appreciate the encouragement.

Berocco Alpaca and Knit Picks US6 needles 

Some of you know that I'm still feeling a little nervous about casting on a sweater, and I've been avoiding it even though I am really anxious to get one started.  (That's about to change but I'll save this little story for another post). After posting my revised YOP list, I picked a small(ish) project to cast on to help get my head back into this knitting challenge.  I've recently made a very special friend whose work I admire a lot and so I decided to cast on one of her patterns that I added to my list.  It's called the Evelyn Cowl (a pure coincidence) and the designer and my new friend is KiwiPurler whose blog is one I read regularly with sheer joy.

I went straight to my stash and found one skein of Berocco Alpaca which turns out to be a great yarn for this cowl.  It's incredibly soft and in spite of its Alpaca content, it surprisingly doesn't shed.  I'm a huge fan of cowls -- I love knitting in the round, I love knitting stitch repeats, and I love creating an accessory that is easy to wear as much as it's easy to knit.

The Evelyn Cowl is a real pleasure to work on.  Once I read through the pattern, I quickly understood the construction of the cowl's design and enjoyed watching the eyelet rows develop. The stitch repeats are easy to remember so eventually I didn't have to refer to the pattern much which allowed me to relax and listen to some great music. I cast on late Sunday afternoon and had a heavenly long stretch of quiet time to knit so this little beauty is done, but I haven't had a chance to book my model for photographs. I'll share those with you soon.

Two sections completed


  1. So pretty! It's a fabulous color!

  2. It looks so pretty. Lovely pattern and yarn.

  3. You're such a sweetie. :-) Thanks for knitting my design. Can't wait to see the finished number!

  4. Yay! for the circulars! The cowl looks very pretty already.

  5. OOooh that is a great color. And ultra alpaca = yum!