Dec 6, 2011

WIP: Beanies for Boys

I guess what I have on my needles isn't so much for a boy as it is for a man.  On my Christmas gift knitting list is a wonderful array of knits for the girls and women in my life, but I realized that guys like knits, too.  I was especially reminded of this when my teenage son asked if I was planning to knit him something for Christmas (so sweet!). 

Cascade 200 - Camel and Cabernet

Beanies are great gift knits as they can usually be finished quickly, but I wanted a design that was a little different than a straight-up rib or stockinette.  I also wanted to knit stripes as I love how they look in contrasting colors.

And then I found what I was looking for: the Christopher beanie designed by Jane Richmond.  It's two hats in one with a solid side and a striped side and I think it'll look great on all ages -- a teenager, a young adult, and a (ahem) older man.  I'm knitting my first one (yes, there will be several) in a solid camel color and then a striped camel/cabernet on the reverse side.  

I cast on last night because my yarn order from WEBS arrived (did you hear me squealing?), and I'm looking forward to seeing how this beanie develops. If you've knit this hat before, I'd love to know your color choices for inspiration.


  1. I love your color combo! I got an order from Webs yesterday too (squeal!) and mine also included camel and "merlot" - but not for the same project! The camel will become legwarmers and the merlot will probably be a sweater for Hubby :-)

    Can't wait to see how this hat develops - I was eying that pattern the other day!

  2. Wow- that's a really cool hat. can't wait to see it finished :D

  3. What a cool pattern. It looks like it will be a great gift!

  4. Wow- that looks really cool, and totally warm. I've been knitting a lot of gift hats lately, and this one looks like it would be great! I will definitely have that on the list of prospective projects for guys.

  5. Are you double knitting so the inside is striped or sewing two beanies together?
    I've never tried a top-down hat but it looks real interesting. Great color combo.
    Yes, I concur. Guys like knits also; the ones in my ohana like beanies.
    Shut the front door. You do not have a teenage son. You look too young to have one!

  6. Oh wow! You got a request from teenage son!! Win! I bet that made you feel great. :-)

    I've been thinking of man hats too - I've got my eye on Jared Flood's Turn a Square hat. I love how the one you've chosen is double-sided though! Very cosy. he'll look great in it.

  7. I love your color choices. I haven't knit this hat before but many others by Jane Richmond. I love her patterns!

  8. It's a great hat. You just reminded me that I have always wanted to knit it.

  9. Ooo..Christopher is a great looking hat! I have it in my Rav queue now. Thanks!